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Comfy Summer Footwear Ideas For Women’s

Summer Footwear is one of the fashion items and other important things that you must have especially during summer. Footwear is a base used to protect the feet, especially the soles of the feet. The footwear protects feet from injury from environmental conditions such as rocky, watery, hot, or cold soil. Footwear keeps feet clean, protects from injury while working, and as a fashion style.

Summer footwear
Summer Footwear

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Footwear has a variety of shapes, usually made according to needs or according to the season. Currently, footwear is included as one of the important items in the world of fashion. So do not be surprised if footwear eventually becomes a trend every year. Many designers every year always try to create footwear with various designs and models. Footwear has various functions and shapes which are divided into two broad categories namely shoes and sandals.

Shoes are closed footwear, which covers the entire foot to the ankle. While sandals are a type of open footwear in the heel and foot. The base (sol) is connected with a strap or belt that functions as a brace (anchor) on the fingers, instep, or ankle so that the sandals are not separated from the wearer’s feet. Sandals with covers on the back and fingers, but open on the heel and ankle are called slippers.

Flip flops are usually made of rubber, leather, or plastic and are equipped with a V-shaped clamp strap that functions to connect the front with the back of the sandals. The base can be made of rubber, plastic, wood, old tires, woven rope, or woven grass depending on needs. Sandals also not only have one design, but various designs are made according to needs and on-demand.

Wearing footwear in the form of sandals is not only comfortable. But you will also look fashionable. Especially if you plan to spend time at the beach. Of course, bring sandals that are simple and easy to clean when playing sand or water.

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