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8 Trending Summer-Themed Nail Art that You Can Try To Burn Your Spirit

Summer-Themed has become one of the popular themes and is widely used in almost all elements of life. Like wedding decorations, home interiors, fashion, and even nail art. Summer is synonymous with a warm and cheerful atmosphere. Therefore the colors used summer-themed are usually bright colors and seem soft.

Similarly, the summer-themed of nail art is something that should not be missed. Nail art is one of the trends in the fashion world. Even now nail art is now a complement in the beauty care of every woman. Not only makeup, fashion, skincare, but nail art trends also can not be separated from attention. Having beautiful nails will be the main attraction in supporting the appearance of a woman to look attractive.

Well, here are some ideas and recommendations for summer-themed that you can try on your nails.

8 Trending Summer-Themed Nail Art that You Can Try To Burn Your Spirit

1. Fresh Fruit Theme

Fresh fruits become one of the very popular themes before summer arrives. This theme can inspire your nail art to welcome a sunny summer. Many choices of fruit that you can use ranging from lime, lemon, and sweet fruits such as cherries that can be converted into adorable nail art. You can use fruit-shaped properties, but if you don’t like complicated, you can use stickers with fruit designs.

Fresh fruit theme
Fruit Theme

Image Source

2. Cool Beach Atmosphere

Beaches and summer are inseparable, both of them seem to have strong magnets that can always inspire everyone. The atmosphere of the beach with sand, shells, boats to the sun is always a dream of those who are tired of their daily routine. The beach has always been a destination for almost everyone when summer and holiday season arrives. Well, you can also incorporate elements and beach characters into your nail art such as shells, sand, coconut trees, and even sandals.

Cool beach atmosphere
Beach Atmosphere

Image Source

3. Awesome Sunset

The same thing with the beach, sunset is also the target of everyone during the summer. Seeing the beautiful sunset becomes a thing to do when summer arrives. You can even try the sunset theme on your nails. Apart from making your nails stand out more, this theme will also make you feel like you are one with nature under the sunset.

Awesome sunset

Image Source

4. Sweet Ice Cream Theme

Nail art trends with the summer-themed of food have become popular lately. Either they use food-like properties or just stickers or play with colors though. In addition to fruit, food that is also widely applied to the nails is the theme of fresh and sweet ice cream that will make anyone tempted. You can choose a variety of colors, from soft pastel colors to bright neon colors.

Sweet ice cream theme
Ice Cream Theme

Image Source

5. Sailor Theme

Sailor’s theme is almost similar to nautical. This theme has also become a recent trend. Well, you can also apply this summer-themed to your beautiful nails. Sea elements such as boats, anchors, compasses, and sand seem to be the main attraction that will display a lively and beautiful impression on your nails.

Sailor theme
Sailor Theme

Image Source

6. Lovely Flower Theme

The theme of flowers is not only applied to fashion or outfits, but many things can also be applied with a beautiful theme of flowers. It’s the same with flowers on your nails. This one character not only makes your nails beautiful but also changes your appearance to be more feminine. So do not be surprised if nail art in the form of much demand, especially by teenagers. Floral designs from pictures or floral properties are fun and beautiful making it a good choice for teenage nail art in the summer.

Flower theme
Flower Theme

Image Source

7. Mainstay Ombre Motif

Ombre is a coloring technique that produces gradations or dramatic color effects, namely contrasting light and dark colors. The Ombre motif is a simple appearance but still able to give an interesting impression on your finger. This look not only makes you stand out but also makes you different from the others.

Ombre motifs
Ombre Motifs

Image Source

8. Adorable Flamingo theme

Flamingos become one of the animals that became an icon in the summer. Therefore, its existence always gives its own impression on everyone. The same thing with flowers or fruit, animal characters like flamingo can also be tried on your nails. You can use white, pink and black which can symbolize flamingos as summer-themed.

Flamingo theme
Flamingo theme

Image Source

Well, those are some of the best and very popular summer-themed that you can try. Hopefully inspire. If you want to read another article from us about 9 Impressive Men’s Haircut You Should Try If You Are A Young Man With An Energetic Personality visit here.

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